Aerial Gas Leak Detection


Professional Drone Services of Texas provides Unmanned Aerial Gas Leak Detection services that consistently sense, trace, and measure methane leaks. From gas producing wells and gathering lines to transmission and distribution pipelines, PDS provides accurate data that is delivered safely, efficiently, and cost-effective to your leak detection programs.
PDS utilizes the TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer) equipped under a Small Unmanned Aircraft System. The TDLAS is an innovative long-range detector which allows methane gas (CH4) to be detected at distances of up to 50 Meters at as little volume as 1 pmm.m. Methane leaks are located by pointing the Laser Beam to the suspected leak, or along the survey line. The TDLAS detects Methane by emitting infrared light allowing the examination of reflected light density. Each Laser Spectrometer reading has stored GPS Coordinates that are accurate by 1-2 Centimeters.

Upon receiving an accurate KMZ/KML File of the Pipeline Data, PDS can import each of these segments to our Flight Planning software allowing the Small Unmanned Aircraft to autonomously survey the Pipeline Segment. PDS then processes and organizes the Data then delivers each Flight Segment in a KML File allowing the user to view each Spectrometer Reading by their plotted GPS Coordinate on Google Earth.