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Drone Aerial Imagery Services

Professional Drone Services of Texas offers a wide variety of services, all designed to cater for each of our clients’ needs. Our services range from videography, modeling and 3D mapping, to the more complex thermal and near-infrared imaging among others.
Our major clientele encompasses the: commercial and residential real estate, golf course, insurance, agriculture, oil & gas, public safety and telecom industries, but we are not limited to only these. We are located at 118 Vintage Park Blvd Suite W. Houston, Texas thus our services cater to the larger Texas region.


Drone Inspections

At Professional Drone Services of Texas, we believe in offering drone inspections that are both competitively priced and top-notch quality. As a result, we’re one of the most sought-after aerial inspection service providers in Texas right now! We deliver our services through highly trained professional with in-depth experience in the different industries we target. Over time, this has enabled us to offer our clients industry-specific consultations matched with customized solutions. Our services are also fully insured and FAA approved.

Drones For Home Inspections

Whether you’re looking to inspect your home or another property, we offer a wide range of drone photography options. For instance, thousands of bridges in the U.S. have been identified as “structurally deficient” and require a lot of investment to be repaired. We’re able to quickly and efficiently identify the problem areas and make a work plan without having to put any of your workers at risk. Whether you’re interested in streaming the inspection live on your computer or showing your team the inspection while it’s being conducted, we have a range of options for you. You can even instruct our pilots live during the drone inspection, telling them what additional footage needs to be captured. And you can download your data and take it with you as soon as the drone lands!

Drone Aerial Photography

Professional Drone Services of Texas is a firm run by industry-specific experts offering Drone Aerial Photography to provide customized solutions to your aerial imaging needs. Based in Houston, Texas, we offer quick and cost-effective thermal imaging, near-infrared imaging, 3D mapping and modeling, aerial videography and aerial photography. Our quality services have been tried and tested in various industries, and we are confident to offer your customized solutions in the following industries: public safety, oil and gas, ranching and agriculture, telecom, insurance, construction, business marketing and residential and commercial real estate.

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Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging

Drone Aerial thermal imaging in Houston is becoming increasingly necessary to capture home and building moisture infiltration caused by wind-driven rain and flooding.
It’s also being used by more public safety agencies like police and fire departments to help find people (search and rescue missions), better fight fires, reduce poaching, reconstruct accidents, stop the trafficking of drugs and people, assess damage from floods and other disasters and assist in SWAT/high-risk/hazardous materials situations.

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